Check out the Data Model Scorecard Validation Tool

Check out the Data Model Scorecard Validation Tool

At Data Modeling Zone US this year, we had our first of what I hope of many Data Modeling Hackathons. At this event, we tackled data modeling challenges and one of the themes that emerged was the challenge of getting more people interested in our field.

I took what I believe is a step in this direction with the Data Model Scorecard Validation Tool. I have been working on this tool for many years, but the push to finally complete it was this theme from the Hackathon.

This tool uses decision tree technology to take someone through a set of questions that represent data modeling best practices.

I am doing a hands-on workshop using the tool at Data Modeling Zone Australia. During the workshop, I will share a high-level design tree showing the path someone will take through over 150 questions to arrive at a score.

Embedded in the tool are five “killer” questions. I call these “killer” questions because even if the other 145 questions are answered perfectly, if any one of these five questions is answered incorrectly, the model will receive a score of Poor.

Please use the tool and provide feedback either on this blog post or through the feedback option in the tool. Feel free to post here which questions that you believe to be the “killer” ones :L).

Here is a link to the tool.

btw, also watch this really entertaining video on the tool :L).


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