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Data Modeling Master Class

The Master Class is a complete data modeling course, containing three days of practical techniques for producing conceptual, logical, and physical relational and dimensional and NoSQL data models. After learning the styles and steps in capturing and modeling requirements, you will apply a best practices approach to building and validating data models through the Data Model Scorecard®. Two case studies and many exercises reinforce the material and will enable you to apply these techniques in your current projects.

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Advanced Data Modeling

Do you already know data modeling and want more? Take the Advanced Data Modeling Challenges Workshop! This two-day course will sharpen your data modeling skills by having you tackle over 20 data modeling exercises. The exercises are based on actual assignments, each containing essential data modeling tips and techniques.

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NoSQL Training Week

The goal of this five-day class is to provide you with hands-on experience with various NoSQL databases and products in an educational (not sales) environment, so that you can help projects decide on the best database for their particular needs, without incurring support, integration, and security costs.

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