Captivating name for CDM?

Captivating name for CDM?

I am heads down on my next book, which is a book on the power of the conceptual data model. The book is written for business managers and business analysts, and I therefore hesitate to use the term “conceptual data model”. Years ago, I’ve called this model a Subject Area Model (SAM), but I’m no longer crazy about this name. I’ve thought of calling it a “business data model”, but not sure if this does it either.

Any thoughts on what to call this model to make it captivating to the business?


  1. Bert 2 weeks ago

    I use the term domain model these days to steer clear from conceptual/logical/essential naming debates.
    Or business domain model.

  2. Howard Diesel 2 weeks ago

    Once or twice I have referred to it as a Business Context Model.

  3. Ray D 2 weeks ago


    It seems that (Entities/ Subject Areas/ Domains*) are almost interchangeable terms these days. If one is doing high level data classification work, not logical data modeling, I suggest using the term Enterprise Conceptual Data Model.

    And split the model into two sections:

    Core Business Entities
    – entities which are foundational to achieving the vision and goals of the business (the core), and as such are populated as the core business functions run
    – examples: Clients, Products, Accounts, Client Service Teams, Transactions/Services, …

    Business Support Entities
    – entities which must be populated to enable all of the “supporting” functions to run
    – examples: Human Resources, Marketing, Financials, Vendors, …

  4. Steven Tuften 2 weeks ago

    Hi Steve,
    Semantic Data Model ??

  5. Manon 2 weeks ago

    I think the word Data is mandatory.
    Business Data Model: Get the big picture of your organization!

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