Data Model Scorecard

Improve the quality of your data models with the Data Model Scorecard®

Allowing Steve to apply Data Model Scorecards on our data model was the best decision we took in order to strengthen our modeling position in respect to our business requirements. It helped us to understand and explore where and how can we apply and improve our data strategy in the future. 

G. Pirvu, Daimler Financial Services


Books and Classes

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This book goes through all of the rules in more detail.




Learn more about the book



The Data Modeling Master Class is structured upon the ten Scorecard categories.




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Data Model Scorecard Validation Tool Version 1.0


This is a free tool that through Q&A you can identify both strengths and areas for improvement on your conceptual, logical, and physical relational or dimensional data models. Over 125 rules are embedded in the tool, and after answering the questions, your model will receive a score and a rating.

This is Version 1.0 of the tool, and I would very much appreciate your feedback. Please send any comments to me here.



In-depth Review

Have Steve provide an in-depth assessment of your model based on all ten Scorecard categories and produces three deliverables:

  • Presentation. Steve will present for at least one hour through WebEx or a similar tool on the strengths and areas for improvement in each of the ten categories.
  • PowerPoint. You will receive a copy of Steve’s slides.
  • Report. You will receive a detailed report in each of the ten categories. On a recent assignment, the report exceeded 250 pages.

There is a very simple fee structure for reviewing data models. Please fill out the form to learn more.