Data Modeling in Business Class

Data Modeling in Business Class

I recently traveled overseas, and with a combination of flying status on this airline and a bit of luck, I was able to upgrade from economy to business class. A nice airy cabin, comfortable seat, attentive flight attendants – one of the flight attendants introduced herself to me and gave me a menu. I mentioned that I have a vegetarian meal that I reserved, and after some checking she explained that the “IT systems” erase special meal preferences when a passenger is upgraded. “You should have called at least 24 hours prior to make sure your special meal would be available in business class” she said. It was a long flight but luckily with enough peanuts and pretzels I was able to survive. What kept my focus off food was data modeling, and I sketched the following two data models during this flight. One is the current flawed data model which allows for special meals to be wiped out or replaced, the other is the ideal data model that they should eventually adopt.

For this challenge, respond with which of the models below is the “as is” today flawed model and which is the “to be” ideal model. If you feel neither one of these would keep the special meal preferences on an upgrade, explain why.

Model A

pic2 pic1

Model B


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