The fifth of the five killer questions: Omissions

The fifth of the five killer questions: Omissions

In the free Data Model Scorecard Validation Tool, there are five “killer” questions out of the over 150 questions that are part of the tool, that if answered improperly will automatically score the model with the lowest setting of “Poor”. If you’ve used the tool, you might have experienced one or more of these questions :L).

In previous blogs, I have talked about the Scope, PurposeFilter , and Time questions, and in this post I’ll talk about the fifth question on Omissions: Is there any functionality in the requirements that is not present on the model?

If a business requirement is not modeled, there is a good chance the application will not meet its expectations. If there are ten requirements needed in the application and only nine appear on the data model, the users are not going to be happy. There will be a “Phase 2” shortly after the application goes live to address this missing requirement.

For example, we are modeling a consumer feedback application and there was a requirement to maintain legal information such as attorney contact details in the application, in case a consumer interaction leads to legal recourse, such as “I ate something in your product and it caused a reaction and now I’m going to call my lawyer…” If these details were requested but not modeled, the application will not meet the necessary requirement leading to unhappy users and enhancements shortly after going live.



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