Impact of a global ledger

Impact of a global ledger

My brother was recently explaining Blockchain to me, and how it can revolutionize areas such as commerce and healthcare. If we look at Blockchain from a business perspective, it is a global ledger system. Similar to how Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a unique identifier we can assign to every product on the globe, Blockchain does the same thing for ledger. But Blockchain is more than just a unique ledger attribute. There is process and security behind it, allowing Party A to sell or transfer something to Party B with complete confidence, even if Party A and Party B are on opposite ends of the globe. This summer I am digging deeper into Blockchain. At Data Modeling Zone US, one of our 30 minute keynotes will be dedicated to Blockchain. Is your organization or you as an individual using Blockchain or Bitcoin (Bitcoin created Blockchain) today or researching it for the near future? Please share your experiences or findings – thanks!


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