Medals for Model Layout

Medals for Model Layout

A data model is a communication tool, and therefore the arrangement of the entities and relationships can dramatically impact how well the model conveys its story.  Some guidelines such as avoiding crossing relationship lines are common practice. However, as model complexity grows, there are additional guidelines that must be employed.

In this challenge you are presented with 3 different layouts of the same model. It is a subject area model for a business intelligence application. Each of the layouts have been created by an experienced data modeler using their guidelines. Each set of guidelines does improve model readability and is therefore deserving of a medal. Rank each of the following layouts as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold is the layout you think is the most readable. Silver is second most readable, and Bronze is third most readable.

2 notes before you get started:

1. Relationship labels have been purposely left off these models. They are important to telling the story, but this challenge focuses purely on model layout.

2. The guidelines on how each layout was created is purposely not revealed. We did not want to confuse ‘logic’ with ‘layout’. (We’ll save the guidelines for the answers!)

Layout #1


Layout #2


Layout #3



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