PDM = Implementation?

PDM = Implementation?

Does your organization distinguish a “physical data model” from an “implementation data model”? In other words, is the physical data model (PDM for short) a model of “what” the design should look like, and the implementation data model is a model of “how” this design should be implemented (e.g. use of views and indexes)? Or are they really the same model?

For example, here is a dimensional physical data model (also known as a “star schema”):

Is there another data model that comes after this that shows for example that this design will not be implemented in denormalized tables but instead through database views on top of a more normalized set of tables? Or should this star schema show these views and underlying tables?

So for this challenge, does your organization recognize both a physical data model and an implementation data model, or just the physical data model, and why?

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