What’s a good name for the high level model?

What’s a good name for the high level model?

I am coauthoring a book completely dedicated to the high level data model. We agree that this model has certain characteristics such as:

  • Represents a broad business area
  • This model is a level of abstraction above a logical data model
  • Contains less than 200 boxes, such as Customer, Product, and Order
  • Audience is usually the business user, not a technical audience
  • Each box can represent dozens of entities on the logical and physical models

However, where we have a difference in opinion is what to call this high level model. The name for this type of model needs to convey its importance yet simplicity. What name do you give for this type of model? Please select the name from the list below and let us know why you use this name. If you don’t see the name you use in the list below, please write that name in the Comments section. We also would like to know whether you ever include attributes on such a model.


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