Learning more about JSON

Learning more about JSON

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to learn more about JSON. More specifically, how does JSON act and what are all of the JSON structures, such as nested arrays, which differ from those in our relational world? (I am also currently looking for a JSON expert who can speak on this topic at Data Modeling Zone this year in Philly.)

I see JSON as a common building block for most NoSQL stores, similar to the concept of a table for the relational world. We are going to need to not only model JSON, but find ways to model (or visualize some other way) the data landscape, showing how data stored across different types of data stores relate – like an enterprise data model at a low enough level of detail to communicate where the data is bring stored and used. If someone needs to know all of the applications that contain Customer Last Name, for example, the answer should include not just applications built upon relational databases, but also those built upon document databases.

Please share some of your data modeling New Year’s Resolutions!

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  1. ihe 3 years ago

    JSON is a transport mechanism. Extending it as the format of a data model extends it beyond it’s utility.
    I know that this is not helpful but it happens to be true.

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